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Dungeon Craft databases (April 23, 2023)

Started by manikus, September 18, 2020, 05:04:12 PM

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These are the text versions of each of the databases. Please find them attached to the post.

Most recent: April 23, 2023

if you are using the default databases, just download these and put them in your folder. In the editor, import these databases and you are good to go. Nothing in your design will be changed, except that some things will work better. ;)

If you are using your own databases or modified versions of the default databases, copy the non-deault material from your databases into these databases. Then, just re-import them into your design.

Feel free to use the whole database or parts of one (or more) as best suits your needs.

For comments or questions, please post in the Development or Troubleshooting forums.

GitHub text databases
GitHub Data folder contents (everything needed by the engine to run a design)


September 18th, 2020:
There are quite few new spells added and then special abilities needed for them, and items that allow spell0caster versions for monster/NNPC use of the spells. Ther are also some bug fixes for about two dozen special abilities so that they work better.



If you downloaded the files between September 18tha d September 21st of 2020, you should re-download them. There was an extraneous markup character at the end of each file that the editor did not like (though the files will load - you will get a minor errors notice). I also did not get the header at the top of the SA database as required. My apologies to all.


November 24, 2020 update

There have been changes to the items and spells databases. Mostly spelling errors (wrong case, letter dropped etc.)

TTested in version 5.26 of the editor, with no errors upon loading.


Now on GitHub as wel.

If you want to make your own databases using parts of the default, you might want to look at this, as each item is its own file. You can put the ones you want into a folder with anything of your own creation and make a database out of them.
There is a BAT included in the source that makes all of the databases that will make the files for you if you use the same folder structure.

Grammarsalad: you will have to re-branch this - it's actually a new repository with the same name as I could not get my local and remote to play together. Now I am using gitKraken and all is good. Sorry about that.


july 12, 2021 update

There have been changes to several databases, notably the specialAbilities to fix a couple of display errors.

these were actually done last November, but not added to this thread (though on Github).

Tested in version 5.28 of the editor, with no errors upon loading.


I've added another project to GitHub that has the rest of the files from the Data folder, which are actually the necessary ones for a design to work.


Updated the Special Abilities to fix player control issue and ranger initiative in Competing SA.


March 14, 2023 update

This update adds ghost to the monsters database, updates a couple of SAs, adds a ton of scrolls to the items database, and does some bookkeeping in the spells database.


March 28, 2023

This update sees big changes to the Special Ability database for expirations of effects, with some additional changes and about a dozen added SAs.
Note: for monster_WeaponImmunity - to allow this to work as AD&D 1e i ntended where monsters of higher levels can hit as if they had the appropriate magic weapon bonus, open the SA in the editor and change the DoesAttackSucceed to "script".

Available at first post or on github. I will propogate these changes over to the 2e databases next.


April 5, 2023

Small update that fixes some issues with potions and dragon saving throws. It also adds a couple of missing behind the scenes files used to compile the databases.


April 10, 2023

Update to classes, items, specialAbilities, and spells text databases.

edited to add:
fixed issue in Competing so that turning of undead can occur.