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Disturbance Timeline RPG: 2nd Edition Preview

Started by ephiroll, August 28, 2023, 08:22:02 AM

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I've got less than a year to go until the release of the second edition of my TTRPG on the 10th anniversary of the 1st edition next June. The preview, or 'a' preview, since work is still finishing up and the preview will be redone later, is available on DriveThruRPG. Anyone that downloads it or any 1st edition material through any DriveThru site by June 1st, 2024 will get a discount link for the 2nd edition on release day or the day after (if your settings permit).

All 1st edition PDFs are permi-free until discontinued with the release of the 2nd edition.

DTR 2nd Ed features 30 base Skills, 86 Knacks, 19 Origins, and 57 Recipe types without classes or races.

Preview link:
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30 days to go before release. Still a chance to download the DTR1E material or DTR2E preview from any DriveThru site for a discount link at release if your settings permit.

All DTR1E material has been uploaded to the Internet Archive in preparation for it to be discontinued after the release of DTR2E.

I've still got to finish some stuff, like the character creation video, but the beta video goes over everything except what was added afterwards.
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If you want to snag a PDF copy of DTR2E at a discount, you can use this link until the end of July. This will without a doubt be the best price I ever offer on this title since it's for those that bought first edition material and only a few others. I'm posting it here because of all the work people on this forum have done that I have benefitted from while making my FRUA modules.

Discount link:

Unlimited Level, Skill, and Attribute advancement. No classes or races.

DTR 2nd Edition features 30 base Skills, 86 Knacks, 19 Origins, and 57 Recipe types for fully customized post-apocalyptic characters without classes or races.

By 2126, the world has been devastated by a century of environmental and man made horrors
that would be coined 'The Disturbance' centuries afterwards. Governments fell one by one as the body count mounted.

Survivors turned to a sustenance, scavenger, or farmer lifestyle. Gold dust, gained through hard work or blood, became the primary trade commodity. Life became cheap yet expensive as civilization licked its wounds and crawled back to its feet. Unknown to those descending into it, this dark time will last 200 years and end in more war.

This TTRPG requires two 10-sided dice, character sheets, pencil, paper, maps, and imagination to play.

Rated 17+ for drug use and adult themes such as cannibalism.

Writer, game designer, and jack of all trades.