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Anybody Working On Any Modules?

Started by Royal Munchkin, December 04, 2023, 05:41:54 PM

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Royal Munchkin

For me I'm making a conversion of Night Of The Seven Swords an adventure module made for OA. What modules are you making or planning to make?


I have a number of mods in various stages of development. 

The one I've been working on most recently is a little Top Secret design.  Since there haven't been any TS mods before, it's taking a long time.  It's almost entirely written, and the art is around 50% done, but there's still a lot of CKIT hacking ahead.  So, I'm still looking at months of work for this one. 

Anyway, I'm taking a break from that to convert my OAUA mods into UA compatibility.  I figure, hopefully, to UL them before the month is over.  Then get back to work on TS.


I always have one perpetually in development.  These days, though, it's hard to find time to work on them.  But, I surprise everyone once in a while, especially when I challenge myself to get them done in a few days.

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Milos Gulan

Good question... I am trying. I got some new books and figuring what to do... First thing is that I really want to do something on my own which is probably harder and probably people will like it less... And second is to do modules as they are written...

Now I will keep working on my mod Desert Arena, just need to start again, have some fixing to do and I guess I got stuck a bit...

And Second thing is Keep on the Borderlands... and other mostly GH modules which I want to do separately, but also maybe to modify them for my mod...

Now newest is 5e modules by Luke Gygax, I want to try to convert, thats is Chentufi, and Blight Lands series, which are 5e Greyhawk like but in Arabian setting...

I hope things will work out good... For now I am making DS creatures, some human characters, today Wererats, and few others day before (lizardmen, now those guys are interesting as they can be draconians too and also saurials, with little work, minotaur is also done, did Iron Golems few days ago, they are actualy some kind of mecha like transformers, but I think I will be able to make cool golems from them, already have stone and clay golem like human based on G1 figure)... That is it I think... I just need to start working in DC and FRUA too... But I feel tired and really need rest... this year was harder then usual  :likeing look: 

Nol Drek

I'm working on a conversion of the Age of Worms Adventure Path:

In the past, I have tried not to advertise the modules I'm working on until they are very close to being completed, because sometimes I lose interest in the project partway through the design. This time, I'm using the forums to promote the design and to post about my progress.

Over the weekend, I started working on Age of Worms Adventure #8 (out of 12). Once I get a playable version of all 12 adventures completed, then the process will move on to the next phase, in which the combats are play-tested and adjusted for balance, typos get fixed, and events are added to dungeons that have not yet hit the 100% text limit.
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I've been stalled at about 95%+ completion of "The Horse Plague" by various issues, particularly my stubborn "long Covid". The main plot, and all current side plots, should run to completion, and all areas have encounters fleshed out - it's just that I want to add a few more things here and there to add that much more potential for players to explore. (My love-it-or-hate-it non-linear adventure structure...)

I've already decided that I'll submit it - given that it *is* completely playable right now - by the end of 2024 if I am still inconvenienced to the degree that I am right now. There *should* be a proper ending to the Tales of Maccobelik...

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Royal Munchkin

After I'm done with Night Of The Seven Swords I'm considering doing a module where your PCs can build a stronghold and hire an army. Once they raise a big enough army they can siege castles and raze villages and when they win they will be rewarded with extremely powerful items like an Infinite wand of magic missiles. This is meant to be played by rich party's since they are spending money not only on the soldiers but also things like siege equipment, food, upkeep on the stronghold etc. Most likely will start making it somewhere in January.
Edit: My design for the OA module got corrupted and I didn't make any backups so about 60-70 hours of work had to sadly be deleted. I guess I'll now be starting on the stronghold module earlier than intended.


Working on A module. Which is bigger than everything else I've done in FRUA if it were all put together into one module. Possibly bigger than I can successfully manage, but will see. I've got all the main stuff in place along with a substantial amount of fill in stuff done. I was aiming for the end of 2024 on it, but...I think that's overly optimistic and it'll take a year or two longer. I'll know more in a few more months, but this project is about to turn into a 5 min joke like a car project I'm also currently on: 'You said 5 minutes 10 minutes ago...'.

The loss to corruption Royal mentioned reminds me that I'd better make a copy of the damned thing...
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