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Map Testing

Started by Syntax Error, December 25, 2023, 04:53:06 PM

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Syntax Error

I keep starting then scrapping my map designs. They just never cut it for me. But I'm almost ready to post at least one map, if anyone wants to check it out, maybe critique it.

I've also created a special ability that prevents the changing of armor mid-battle, sort of. I have my reasons for having that in modules. It does, however, allow you to UNready armor mid-battle, which I'd also rather it not do. I might share the code later.

Oh yeah, one last thing. All the sudden, on one map, I'm getting the error "Expected: ZONE_ATTRIBUTES Encountered: while reading file." when I try to test run, and it kicks me to the main menu. I can't seem to fix it.


Royal Munchkin

I can check it out when you're finished with it.

Paul R. Stevens

Quote"Expected: ZONE_ATTRIBUTES Encountered:

This is not your fault.  Something has gone amiss with the
game's save file.  I hope you have a previous version or
backup of some sort. 

It is also conceivable that the editor and engine are not
compatible.  Do I understand that the editor can read the
game but the engine cannot?  If so, and you are using the
latest of each, this can be fixed.  Unfortunately, I am
no longer working on this project so any real help will
have to come from elsewhere.

Syntax Error

Before anyone gets more involved, I figured out the ZONE_ATTRIBUTES error. It was a Tavern event. Once I erased the Tavern, it worked! Tavern Tales does not cause an issue, though I don't know how that can be used.

Thanks Paul, for the assistance. Strange that it was such a thing.

Map still coming.

Paul R. Stevens

I really hope that this can be fixed.  Not everyone
can take the time to debug a design as you have.  It
could be a show-stopper for others.

Syntax Error

I'm posting links to screencaps of a couple of my maps, rather than uploading the maps, themselves. At least for now. I'm looking for thoughts and/or feedback on the design.

Dungeon map, no features yet. A dungeon for testing heroes.

City map, two main roads, with some stuff off the sides. Every building has a designated purpose and many have events already.

Oh, and just for good measure, what the interior of a bank there looks like. It's a bit wordy, but you get the idea.

These are rough drafts. I'm wondering how they look from the overhead perspective. Thanks.


Sorry for the late answer, but to give some feedback, maybe a little more information could help, e.g. adding the same map in the event mode or giving some indication which building is what (example below).
One of the most important things I learned from the FRUA community is to go for smaller maps with more events, ideally with various triggers, instead doing huge but empty (in terms of events) maps. But from what you wrote it seems you are planning to add numerous events.
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Syntax Error

Thanks for the reply. I kind of like your idea, maybe a map key will give it a little context. Here's a poorly cobbled together key, in kind of weird reverse order, because I assumed the party starts at the far south gate. Ah well, it's done. It's "creative"!

Any of the yellow numbers of the key indicate tangible, usable services; shops, services, guilds. Purple indicates city services; primarily window dressing, except meeting with the city council after every quest.

My thought with this city map is that is the central hub between adventures, with the "proper" dungeon maps branching out in other directions from there. The hub is like the mall between/during individual quests; get promotions in organizations, restock, rest, etc. Maybe encounter a couple potentially dangerous simulation elements, like muggings and whatnot. It's not going to be as complicated as it sounds.

That's why the streets are just two boring rows, so you can find everything easily via those main roads. This area is not supposed to challenge your navigation skills.

The "proper" dungeons I'm making are more standard fare; twists and turns, secrets, surprises, the usual. I have a map of a jail (game starts with a jail riot you take part in), which includes abandoned sections taken over by vermin. It's mostly done.

Take care!


Looks well-planned and also not oversized to me.
Find four contributions to the Pre-Generated Character Mini-Module Design Contest on my homepage.
New: THE AMBASSADOR'S LETTER, my contribution to the 7-day-challenge.