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Graphic Issues

Started by Zeeker, April 29, 2024, 12:38:10 PM

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I know there's an earlier thread about this subject but that doesn't seem to work. The last module I played was Gamma World and I am starting the Thunder Rift campaign. Every time I start, the Gamma World splash screen,fonts, etc load. I tried "restore original files" in module manager and "default" in uashell and keep getting the same result. Has this happened to anyone else here? Copying and pasting TLB files does not seem to be the optimal solution. I don't care if the fonts and frames are ugly or not I would like to have it look the way the module author intended. Thanks in advance,


Nol Drek

In the directory where you installed FRUA, there should be a folder named DEFAULT.DSN that has all of the original files for the game. Based on your description, it sounds like the Gamma World files have been placed in the DEFAULT.DSN folder by accident.

Check the date and time of the file FRAME.TLB, for example, to verify if this is the problem you are experiencing. The date and time for that file in the DEFAULT.DSN folder should be different from the date and time in the DSN folder of the module you are playing.
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Thanks for the fast reply. I checked and they were different but it still kept doing that. I did a fresh install of FRUA and UAShell and downloaded new instances of the modules I wanted and everything is good. Oh by the way I really enjoyed playing your Gamma World module, I knew it was going to be good when it fired up the Snake Pliskin music. Thanks again!