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FRUA player icons in COAB

Started by cpinheir, May 11, 2024, 11:59:41 PM

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I'm playing around with Simeon Pilgrim's source for Curse of the Azure Bonds. I decided to see if I could alter the code to be able to import the CBODY.TLB (from FRUA) player icons and use those in place of the CBODY.DAX (from COAB) player icons. Took me a few days, but I got it mostly working:
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Last time I started working on a related project (I wanted to fix the code that imports FRUA designs to Dungeon Craft), I didn't get very far before losing interest. If I can manage to keep making progress on the COAB code, I would like to slowly add support to handle all the various FRUA files, eventually being able to run at least non-hacked FRUA designs. So far, I think one of the biggest hurdles will be the radical difference between COAB and FRUA event handling. One thought I had on that was to insert code that will parse the FRUA events for a map, then convert them to functionally equivalent COAB event format. So far, I am having fun with this, I hope I can keep going to completion.


I am currently working on trying to bring in FRUA wall images now. This one is taking more time, in part because I got surprised by the different methods that COAB and FRUA used to store wall images. It seems that COAB has two files required to compose the wall images: one file that contains all 8x8 bitmaps, and another file that contains instructions on how to put together the various 8x8 pieces to compose a complete, larger wall image. Whereas FRUA simply stores all the wall images in one file in whatever dimensions each one is supposed to be. I guess the reason for this was that when COAB was made, they were targeting machines like c64, and needed to conserve RAM and disk space. Whereas when FRUA came out, it was DOS only and PC had much more memory and disk space available. Anyways, I will unfortunately have to do more modifications than I originally thought to make the COAB code display the FRUA wall image data properly.