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Ideas I will never use...

Started by hans, May 15, 2024, 01:55:21 PM

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We know that Dracula travelled on a Russian ship, the Demeter, to England (taking along with him 50 boxes of Transylvanian soil for his coffins), and terrorized its ill-fated crew.


What if Dracula were also a passenger on the Titanic...?

Milos Gulan

Not sure, I remember reading novel about Dracula by Bram Stoker in high school. I also have read Frankestein back then... Later they made Ravenloft Adam's Wraith which is similar to that story... Ravenloft has lots of a bit dark stories like that... Not sure about Titanic but what I am really curious lately about this guys work... very similar to Indy Jones... But he is for real, I mean he is onto something


I've got ideas written down in notebooks that are 20 years old and I have the next 5 years of projects lined up at any given time, so I'm not sure if I'd ever go so far as to say I'd 'never' use something...and that word 'never'
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