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Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh

Started by Jason1756, December 12, 2023, 10:13:19 AM

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OK, I'm not sure if I'm just stuck or what.  Is there any way to get to the final smugglers' ship fight in the original module or did Ray not include that?  I've gotten the house cleared,reported back to the counsel and they imply there's more but I can't figure it out.  I've walked around both day and night and can't seem to get there


Hey, Jason!

I'm sorry it wasn't clear that this conversion is just the haunted house portion of the game.

I had intended to return later and do a version that covered the whole series, but that never manifested. My original goal was to capture my childhood memories of investigating the haunted house. It was one of the few adventures my dad agreed to run for me when I was little, and it didn't end well. I was young and trusting, and he ended the adventure by carefully letting me know that I had trusted Ned Shakestaff when I shouldn't have. I walked out the front door, to get him to safety, and he stabbed my first-level fighter/mage in the back.

He then had to explain to me what smugglers were, because I was still under the impression the house was haunted. I was very young at the time, and it's hard to stress the impact of living in a pre-internet world. Things we take for granted now were just unknown back then unless you had read that entry of the Encyclopedia Brittanica.

Anyway, I'm running long, and I know it, but just trying to explain why half the module was converted and not the other half. I felt I could convert the house and end there, or I could convert all three and do the entire series...but I couldn't go to the smugglers' boat without continuing to Dunwater...


Wait, the house wasn't haunted?!

Thank you so much for your reply.  I feel much better now that I know that the ship didn't exist.  I absolutely loved your conversion and it really felt like the original module did.  I really enjoyed playing through it and despite the minority criticism, I would get bored if all these modules were just hack and slash; it's nice to have some variety and it really wasn't THAT tedious as far as I'm concerned.  Dunwater was fun too but I got my entire party killed so I learned I needed to be just a little higher level!

Thanks again for your work on these modules.  I initially got UA so I could try to figure out how to use it and then convert all my old modules so imagine my surprised when I found that most of them had already been done!  After I finish Q1 I'll try Bloodstone again!