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your reasons for downloading new FRUA designs

Started by mickeyk, October 17, 2015, 07:17:13 PM

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Do you download new FRUA designs to:

enjoy playing them
13 (92.9%)
playtest them
0 (0%)
inspect the code for your own evaluation and possible education
1 (7.1%)
inspect the code when feedback is requested
0 (0%)
modify/improve or port them
0 (0%)
I don't download new FRUA designs
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 14


Just wanted to see whether any lurkers are interested in voting :)


I enjoy playing UA mods.  Of course, some are more enjoyable to play than others. 

I try to play any newly ULed mods and give feedback, if not in a review then in some constructive comments elsewhere.  Occasionally, I may be too busy, or there may be too many new mods ULed at about the same time, so I'm unable to, but realizing that feedback is highly desired by our authors, and good for our community, I do try my best.


Newcomers to the boards will likely have other reasons for downloading mods.  Most of the veterans here (and I think we outnumber the newcomers) will download modules for the love of playing them.  New modules are in short supply, so if you're creating them, we will gladly play them.  But, by this point in the game, those of us who have been using FRUA since it's release in 1993 already know what the engine is capable of doing. 

No offense to any newcomer, but no matter how clever you might think you are, it is very unlikely you will do anything so new that you'll get the long-time veterans to dive into your module to study it.  Unless you devise something brand new in the hack department, we've seen all the tricks.  Where you can impress us is with clever story telling, great encounter design and an overall great experience within your game.  That never gets old.

More Information Here:


Quote from: ProphetSword on October 17, 2015, 10:16:29 PM
Where you can impress us is with clever story telling, great encounter design and an overall great experience within your game.  That never gets old.
Well, the things you listed there are what it's all about, isn't it? :) I wouldn't enjoy a closed universe where people cared only about technique. Besides, storytelling has always been one of my strengths.

But I'm not ready to design yet! I've just started reading the event guide and information on how chains work, which were posted in another link. And I voted for the third option because that's what I'm mostly doing right now. Yes, I play the existing designs, but primarily so that I can get curious about how the creator did something.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who voted.

Olivier Leroux

I have more than one reason, but since I could only vote for one, I went with "I enjoy playing them". Of course, whether I enjoy them totally depends on how good they are. And I like to playtest them, too. I'd rather say I download them out of curiosity, and to show support to anyone who still dedicates time and effort to creating new modules. I'm not that interested in analyzing them, as I'm familiar enough with what you can do in UA and how it's done.


I have started playing several FRUA designs not with the intention to play them completely, but to get an idea what FRUA players would expect from a Dungeon Craft scenario. But some of those I started are so promising that I will try to play through them completely sooner or later.
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Milos Gulan

I really enjoy playing FRUA modules. So much that I create characters and then try adventuring with them, taking screenshots and alike. It feels for me like almost playing tabletop and even better. For the code I haven't yet gone into that but I might.