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Favourite Vanilla / Unmodded FRUA Design?

Started by rmgreen, October 12, 2018, 10:34:42 PM

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   Good evening!

   I've been looking through the archive of designs for FRUA, and my gosh, there are quite a few.  While I've heard there are any number of fantastic designs out there (a number of which I've taken a look at), my own interest has been in seeing just what the unmodded commercial release is capable of.  So, with that in mind - what are your favourite FRUA designs using *only* the capabilities of the commercial release (which, granted, still allowed you to import and edit creature designs, so it still had flexibility).

   What's the best work you've seen done with the unmodded game?  (Okay, I admit it, I'm looking for a list of scenarios to play... :') )

   Best wishes.

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Olivier Leroux

In general I prefer hacked designs, and it's not easy to remember which of the countless designs I've played a long time ago happened to be vanilla, but of the top off my head I'd say your safest bet is the Far West series by Ray Dyer ( I remember really liking that one, and it should be unhacked (but with regularly imported art, I believe - "French vanilla", as we use to call those).


Here's several I'd suggest: (Challenge of the Grey Company) by Starrbolt.  Created early in the community's existence, it's an epic-sized GoldBox-style mod.  I didn't get all of the references, but I still really enjoyed it. (A Rich Man's folly) by Glen Sprigg.  Arguably the best, most perfect example of a mini-mod.  Very short, but very, very entertaining.  It showcases one of the greatest characters birthed in FRUAdom, Paddi, the gnome. (Rogues in the House) by Surge Protector.  A nice conversion of a Robert E. Howard Conan the Barbarian short story. (Zero Tolerance) by Jacek "JudgeDeadd" Dobrzyniecki.  Quite short, but one of the funniest mods ever written. 

BTW, this comprehensive list notes whether mods are hacked or unhacked:
You might cross-check the unhacked ones with their reviews in this forum.   ;)

Null Null

An interesting question is what mods would be used to test game balance in case of changes to the class system or new spells. Seems the optimal game would be a big vanilla mod, as many of the most famous FRUA mods like 'The Sect' are heavily hacked (which would create all kinds of hack interaction problems). Similarly, the conversions of SSI classics like 'Pool of Radiance' and 'Curse of the Azure Bonds' are hacked.