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Favorite "Dungeon" Types?

Started by hans, June 15, 2019, 08:26:30 PM

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What type of "dungeon" do you enjoy exploring most?

Ancient Ruins
7 (53.8%)
Castles (with literal Dungeons)
5 (38.5%)
Caves or other Underground types
4 (30.8%)
Deserts or other Wastelands
0 (0%)
Forests or Jungles
5 (38.5%)
Graveyards or Crypts
5 (38.5%)
Mazes or Labyrinths
0 (0%)
Other Planes or Dimensions
3 (23.1%)
Outposts or border Fortresses
0 (0%)
1 (7.7%)
0 (0%)
Towns (whole or parts)
8 (61.5%)
Wizard Towers
2 (15.4%)
Other (specify below)
1 (7.7%)

Total Members Voted: 13

Voting closed: September 13, 2019, 08:26:30 PM


We haven't had a Poll in a long time.  Plus, there hasn't been a lot of conversation lately.  So, here's a simple Poll that might elicit some thoughts (I hope). 

I've used the word "dungeon" as a general term, of course.   ;)

You can choose three, and change your votes if you like. 

Any opinions or recollections you might add on the subject (even if only broadly related) are most welcome.  If you have a story about the first time you explored a particular type of dungeon, or one of the best dungeon experiences you've ever had, great!  If you hate a particular type of dungeon (either from always or just because you've crawled through so many that you've gotten sick of them), I'd enjoy hearing about that, as well.   :)   

Really, I'd like to hear something.  Our Forum has gotten too quiet for my liking.   :P


I voted for towns, forests and caves, because my fairly open-ended dungeon crawler, currently features such locations!
Many of the rest (including some not in this list), are planned for later, of course! :D

eg. plains, nomadic camp, snowy tundra, large cities, mountains/volcano, futuristic factory, ocean and underwater.

EDIT: In particular, I REALLY like how realistic much of the terrain is, in the French-made Ishar series!


I picked three, but really it could be any of these since it really depends on how well done they are.

Towns and cities are probably the best when they are well done.

More Information Here:

Olivier Leroux

I picked Ancient Ruins, Wizard Tower and Other Planes/Dimensions. Castles was tempting, too, but I feel that's kind of similar to Ancient Ruins and Wizard Tower, so I'm good. I don't quite know what to expect of Other Planes/Dimensions dungeons, but that's part of why I picked it, because it's not as common and pedestrian as e.g. Sewers. And I like Planescape. And Mystery.

Nol Drek

I picked caves or other underground because I enjoy exploring the underdark. The concept of an entire network of alien civilizations below the surface of the earth is intriguing on many levels.
My second choice was other planes or dimensions because I enjoy when my characters get to explore alternate realities. Planescape combines the concept of multiple dimensions of existence with the exploration of religion, philosophy, and mythology, and it emphasizes information gathering information over hack & slash.
My third choice was other because I wanted a category for monster lairs. It doesn't matter whether it's a city, a fortress, or a cavern complex, I like to break into the dwelling place of a tribe of monsters, learn about their culture and way of life, and destroy them all.
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My first GoldBox experience was Curse of the Azure Bonds which was released at the same time my family got our first computer.  The first dungeon (if you don't count the town, itself) was the sewer under Tilverton, which I found delightfully atmospheric.  The first really hard fight in the game was against the Neo-Otyughs there.  IIRC, I had to fight it several times before I could win without any party members dying.  Winning that first hard fight I found to be gloriously intoxicating.  So, I ever since I've had a soft spot for sewer explorations.  And also for hard fights. 

After defeating CAB, we had to get Pool of Radiance.  Entering Valhingen Graveyard, with the cool lightning effects gave me my first eerie chills on the computer.  It had a different feel from the rest of the game.  Since then, exploring a well-done graveyard has remained a special pleasure for me, too.


This poll has given me a bit of encouragement to return to my (very) longstanding module-in-progress (Dragons of Duplicity).

I've completed all the physical areas (the hard bit is working out how the quests are going to fit together and programming all the events), and I can report that the module features all of the suggested dungeon types (or parts thereof, anyway), apart from "deserts or wastelands", "mazes or labyrinths" and "other planes or dimensions". To make up for those omissions, it does have a city with lava flowing through it, and a great library.

Unfortunately I'm still a long time of finishing. I kind of wish there was some way I could share it, because I'm really pleased with the hacks and lots of the art. But the best way to share it would be "complete"...


Ancient Ruins, Castles with actual Dungeons and Towns.  Not that I don't like any of the others, though
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Quote from: steve_mcdee on June 19, 2019, 04:28:41 AM
This poll has given me a bit of encouragement to return to my (very) longstanding module-in-progress (Dragons of Duplicity).
I am really looking forward to this, Steve!

Concerning 'other,' I thought about mountains, underwater dungeons, ships, and about mixed "dungeons", e.g. a small tropic island with a beach... :) I guess the poll aims at "classic" high fantasy settings, otherwise spaceships and skyscrapers would be nice settings, and I still think of a module taking place on a train.

But in the end I voted for forests, castles and towns.   ;D
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The types of "dungeon" that I enjoy exploring the most are (ranked from Absolute Favourite to 3rd Favourite):

   1) Castles (with literal dungeons, preferably castle basements but I love to explore the whole castle too):
          - castles fit the standard for the ideal RPG "dungeon" environment.
          - my module (which is unpublished yet) has a castle basement as the setting for most of the main quest.

   2) Towns (whole or parts):
          - I like the fact that you can do two things together in towns:
            - find adventure and explore the same way as dungeons,
            - use towns to prepare for and recuperate from dungeons (rest and heal, buy and sell supplies and services, etc.).
          - my module has a small town as the setting where the main quest begins.

   3) Underground types of dungeons (Underground Labyrinth types, but this does not include Caves though)

The types of "dungeon" that I do not enjoy exploring the most are (ranked from 2nd worst to Absolute worst):

   1) Graveyards (this does not include Crypts, tombs, etc., as I enjoy them):
          - Graveyards often seem like I'm using a fine-tooth comb to do endless searching for (what may be) a needle in a haystack, especially in larger graveyards.

   2) Caves:
          - I never liked caves in FRUA or any similar type of Gold-Box style game or mod.
          - I never liked any of the cavern wallset artwork that came with FRUA.
               - there is not too much variety to play with or choose from in the cave wallset,
               - it seems like the developers could have put just a little more effort into the cave wallset, like the good effort they did with all the other wallsets I like,
               - I know that the FRUA engine must make straight walls but I don't think really long straight-line walls or square-cornered walls are realistic-looking for any
                 cavernous rooms in FRUA (or any other game).

As a side note, I really appreciate the FRUA community forums.  I find the topics in them very interesting, and there is such a huge variety of forum categories as well. 

Thank you to everyone who reads my post, and I hope to talk again soon!