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Enemy spell casters

Started by Andy123, June 29, 2023, 05:38:57 AM

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Just checking what needs to be done to have a newly created "monster" cast spells. For example, I've created one and selected Race: human, Class: magic user, and under default items I've added  monsterMageMagicMissle a bunch of times. I've also given him 1 attack.

I take it there's more to it than just that, because in testing, this guy refuses to cast anything. Turns out he's more Rocky Balboa than Merlin.


Sounds like you did everything right to me.

Time to make a mini-mod for hotmustard.
Its kind of a big deal if Spellcaster items aren't working.


I guess if spellcaster items are treated like other items, this might just be another case of newly created monsters not using the gear I give them.

I'm due for a mini mod. Just wondering if I'll need a separate one for each issue or if a simple one that demonstrates all of these would do:
  • Charm person doesn't work
  • Previously cast spells are re-memorised outside of camp
  • Newly created monsters don't use the gear they're given


I don't know hotmustard's preference, but Paul and I wanted one issue per mini-mod.


I've looked at other monsters who can cast spells and have found what I was missing:
Need to have the special ability "monsterLevel" set.


That is true. :lol:
The scripts I have written use that SA for caster level, as well as other things. If creating a new monster, you don't need to add it but you will need to rewrite other scripts. The scripts don't just use it to dtermine 'if' a monster can cast a spell, but how much damage, range, etc as applicable.