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Cure disease

Started by Andy123, July 22, 2023, 09:30:44 PM

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Andy - glad to hear you were able to get it work.

If you double check the cure disease spell, you see that it doesn't bother checking to see if you have the condition or not with a "If" line. You might be able to simplify the potion by just having it try to remove those conditions whether you have them or not. You would probably need to keep the "If" for the hitpoint check so you're not "Dead".


Quote from: Nol Drek on July 29, 2023, 10:25:25 AMHave you tried this instead?
        $IF ($GET_CHARACTER_SA($CharacterContext(), "IsPoisoned") == "-?-?-" &&
        $GET_CHARACTER_SA($CharacterContext(), "IsDiseased") == "-?-?-" &&
        $GET_CHARACTER_SA($CharacterContext(), "IsDiseasedSpell") == "-?-?-")
        $IF ($GET_CHARACTER_SA($CharacterContext(), "IsPoisoned") != "-?-?-")
        $IF ($GET_CHARACTER_SA($CharacterContext(), "IsDiseased") != "-?-?-")
        $IF ($GET_CHARACTER_SA($CharacterContext(), "IsDiseasedSpell") != "-?-?-")
        $IF ($GET_CHAR_HITPOINTS(char) <=# 0)
                $SET_CHAR_HITPOINTS(char, "1");
                $SET_CHAR_STATUS(char, "0");

That did the trick! Thank you.