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3 spell questions

Started by Randomdays, October 07, 2023, 11:55:50 AM

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1) Can an encounter cast a spell? IE The party finds an altar in a dungeon. If a party member prays there, the encounter casts a "Bless" spell on them. I think this could be done and I asked before, but never got a good resolution on how to code it

2) Can an encounter remove a memorized spell from a character. IE A character has "Speak to animals" memorized. If the character answers "Yes" to a question to cast it, the encounter will have the animal talk to the character. But then the encounter would need to remove the spell from memory.

3) Can an encounter use and item or remove a charge from an item. Similar to above, but instead of having the spell memorized, maybe a character has a scroll with the spell, or a wand or other item, and that could be used. I think the scroll could be done since there is a "take item" function, but not an item with charges

For the last 2, if its a repeatable encounter, I realize that you could leave the encounter and then return to it with the spell active, but if the encounter is a random one, or a wilderness one on the main map, that wouldn't be easy to do.