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Knights of Pen and Paper

Started by Milos Gulan, February 17, 2024, 06:09:29 AM

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Milos Gulan

This if fantastic RPG and very original, in a sense that there are some innovative elements... I own +1 version with DLC and 2nd part (missing DLC but I will get it soon)...

What is so good and new ... That is You play RPG players and their characters... That means You see DM (there is option to buy new DMs, and change them) and players that sit at the table (much like in comic book Knights of the Dinner Table, probably which was inspiration)... Also there is game room visible with table that you can improve including other parts of the room, which will all improve game...

Game is simple and very good, reminds of old school RPGs... 2nd part also has magazines that You can read (like dragon magazine) with unlockable content (Bard class etc). I have started with KoPP 2 but switched to +1 version because I need to get DLC that I miss...

Idea that I got after few games is that I want to make RPG game like this with adventures of RPG players that play Ad&d RPG adventures... It might be a bit complicated but lol just imagine for example depicting  Ed Greenwood and his Knights of Myth Drannor.

Anyway here are few screenshots...


I remember this game. It's fun and the concept is neat, but I found it got repetitive relatively quick.


I actually enjoyed this one, but thought "Knights of Pen and Paper 2" and "Galaxy of Pen and Paper" were much better.

More Information Here:

Milos Gulan

Knights of Pen and Paper 2 is much better, I have started with it but later switched to +1 because of the story. And yes it might be a bit repetitive, but still it has lot of charm  :Roll Eyes:

There is 3rd part but reviews are not so good...

Milos Gulan

I got Here be Dragons, expansion for 2nd part beside few other games on GoG. Now I need to play trough it and eventually get 3rd part. I really like this game  :like:  :Roll Eyes: